Dragons Alley

Dragon’s Alley Coffee Co.®

Dragon’s Alley Coffee Co.® is the coffee shop, Asian-inspired fast-casual café, and the to-go arm of Taverna Costera® which – in a nod to the European cafes – stays open late along with the Taverna bars.

Turin, Italy-based Lavazza coffees serve as the foundation of our coffee program with that classic, Italian dark roast. In addition to the classics, our drink menu also features boba milk teas and the mazagran, a lemon-flavored coffee drink originating from Algeria.

The food menu in Dragon’s Alley starts with an array of Asian-inspired rice and noodle dishes. Start with the ribeye Hibachi Steak Fried Rice for a strong hint of Japan, or the Kimchi Fried Rice for a more Korean flavor, or go for the Loco Moco or Spam and Eggs with Rice for something straight out of Hawaii. Go for the Dragon Spice Glass Noodles with Shrimp for a lighter kick with an in-house origin, or a classic Pad Thai. Check the grab-and-go section for Spam Musubi (Hawaii), spring rolls, and bento boxes, or grab a Butter Mochi (Hawaii) or Basbousa (Egypt) or a Vegan Beignet (in-house origin) for something sweet.

The Dragon’s Alley menu is available throughout the property, from the coffee shop to the full-service restaurant, up to the roof.